Designed, built, and driven by Tim Gray

The new TCG Racing Prototype, designed, built, and driven by Tim Gray

This car is powered by a Hayabusa motorcycle engine, and qualifies to race TT1/ST1.  I opted initially for TTU (Time Trials Unlimited), to get more track sessions/races per weekend, and to get used to being back on the track after being away from racing for over 9 years to build this beast.  

We’ve had a lot of bugs to work out, including multiple engine problems, and front suspension bottoming out from more front down-force than anticipated.  By the end of 2019, we made many advances, and rarely placed below 3rd place in any races in the unlimited class.

Although the 2020 season was dampened considerably by COVID, the latter half of the year was a busy race season.  We made many advances during that time.  We got the suspension sorted out and mostly tweaked, and shaved nearly 15 seconds off lap times at CMP since the inaugural run.  

At the writing of this update on Oct 23, 2020, the car was still not fully tweaked, nor was the driver’s potential.  Still, at CMP, On Oct 9, 2020, during a Turn 1 Track day event, Tim Gray was able to unofficially beat all current NASA competition record times in ST1 by over 1 full second, and in Super Unlimited by nearly .5 seconds with a lap time of 1:38.721.  One note on the lap time, CMP has been re-paved, and the new pavement provides better grip.  

Unfortunately, on May 1, 2021, we had major engine problems.  Because of the engine problems, we opted to run Sunday in Time Trials instead of competition racing, so we could try to sort out what was going on with the engine.  With the engine putting out roughly 1/2 the normal HP, we still pulled off 3 straight 1st place finishes in the unlimited class against approximately 10 other cars.

Unfortunately, that engine trouble ended the season for the car, as we did not get the engine back from the repair shop before the end of the 2021 season.

At the update on 3/15/2022, we are still awaiting a race engine.  We opted to have a second race engine built (hoping to get one of them back soon, and to have a spare for next time), but still do not have one in the car as of 3/15/2022.  Consequently, we opted to purchase a used “stock” engine (running about 70% of the power of the race engines), so that at least we could get back on the track for 2022.

We got back on the track on March 11, 2022 at CMP for a test day.  We were tied for the fastest car at the track against a 400 HP Mustang.  He could easily take me on the straights, but I could easily catch him again at various points on the track each lap.  The car ran great, with the stock engine only about 3 seconds or so short of the best lap times turned with the good race engine.  

We look forward to discovering how much more we can get out of this car when we get a race engine back in it.  We are expecting a race engine back anytime now – but that’s what we’ve been told for nearly a year now.   In the mean time, we’ll be tweaking other things on the car and driving techniques while waiting for a race engine.

We look forward to seeing what the future capabilities of this car and driver will produce as we continue to move things forward.